One of the most expensive investment costs for 3D artists in rendering is purchasing software licenses. So, many customers asked about how we spend a lot of money on legal software licenses on 3S Cloud Render Farm, especially when integrated into multiple machines as we have. There is also an interesting question like this: “…users do not know exactly whether those types of software like Houdini or Maya are legal or illegal. There may have cracked versions in 3S Cloud farm, who knows?”

The reason is that on our render farm, users do NOT have to do anything except upload projects then render.

Therefore today, we are going to show you how we deal with software licenses and become a reliable render farm in order to make sure you are no longer in doubt.

Blender, Cycle, Eevee, LuxCoreRender – Legal software licenses on 3S Cloud Render Farm

These are free and open-source software, so it is so easy to support them on our render farm.

According to Blender’s website: “Blender is Free Software. You are free to use Blender for any purpose, including commercially or for education. This freedom is being defined by Blender’s GNU General Public License (GPL).

3s cloud render farm - legal software license - blender

According LuxCoreRender’s website: “LuxCoreRender is and will always be free software, both for private and commercial use. It is being developed by people with a passion for programming and for computer graphics who like sharing their work…

LuxCoreRender is licensed under the Apache Public License v2.0 and free for both personal or commercial use.”

3s cloud render farm - legal software license - luxcorerender

V-Ray, Corona

Vray and Corona are renderers provided by ChaosGroup. And, we are happy and proud to become a render farm authorized by Chaos Group.

3s cloud render farm - legal software license - vray

“Commercial render farms listed above are the only ones authorized by Chaos to provide rendering services. For quality and security purposes, we do not support render farms not on this list.”

3s cloud render farm - legal software license - corona

Other software

As you know, we are a render farm based on AWS (Amazon Web Service) Infrastructure which provides us the pay-per-use method for software licenses.

3s cloud render farm - legal render farm -

Through this article, we hope it makes you more clear about legal software licenses integrated on 3S Cloud Render Farm.

Customer trust is our top priority

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