One of 3S’s first criteria before building our render farm is to provide an easy-to-use render farm for customers. Our technical team designed a simple and clear UI in order that users can render their projects on our render farm with just a few clicks and get a great render experience.

Create a new account so quickly

With just a valid email address, you can immediately own an account on our render farm.


Dashboard screen | Easy-to-use Render Farm

You can keep track of your render jobs right on the Dashboard screen with:

  • The number of active jobs/completed jobs
  • The number of remaining credits/credits you have spent this month
  • The information of render jobs such as detailed time/cost/status of render jobs, or render engine/device used to render.

Render with just a few clicks

After having an account, you just need to upload files following our instructions, then review settings and submit render jobs.

  1. Upload your project
  2. Review and launch render
  3. Download your outputs

Smart Analysis | Easy-to-use Render Farm

Once you select to review & launch render, our system will automatically detect whether there are missing files/issues of your job or not, and automatically fill the required information to submission form as to render settings of your scene file.

No more worrying about rendering, 3S will make rendering much easier for you.

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