Easy-to-use Render Farm and Smart Analysis

One of 3S’s first criteria before building our render farm is to provide an easy-to-use render farm for customers. Our technical team designed a simple and clear UI in order that users can render their projects on our render farm with just a few clicks and get a great render experience. Create a new account […]

What is a Render Farm? When should I use a Render Farm?

There are many different concepts about render farms on the internet, so a lot of people have misconceptions. So What is a render farm? How many kinds are there? And When should I use a render farm? A render farm is a high-performance computer system (data center), e.g. a computer cluster, which is specialized in […]

Ha Nguyen

The admin of BlenderVN group During recent years, Blender, an open-source 3D creation suite, has become popular all over the world. In Vietnam, there is a Blender community, BlenderVN. And, the admin of this group is Mr. Ha Nguyen – 3S Cloud User. 3S Cloud Users – Mr. Ha Nguyen BlenderVN group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/BlenderVN BlenderVN forum: […]

Pham Nguyen Anh Khoi

From the beginning of the alpha release, Mr. Khoi – Best of Blender Artists: 2020, week 36 is one of the first 3S Cloud customers, whose feedback has been the source of inspiration and played an important role in our improvement. Art Station profile: https://gebalt.artstation.com/  Project Name: TIE Slicer Software: Blender 2.83, 2.91 Render Engine: […]

Muhammad Wahyu Aldi Pratama

We are so pleased to tell you about one of the first 3S customers, ALDY.3D Art Station Profile: https://www.artstation.com/muhammadaldy Project Name: Steampunk Train Render engine: Cycles Format: Still image Style: Concept Art What can 3D artists choose to do during the coronavirus pandemic? 2020, the world is covered by the coronavirus pandemic which affects the […]