Completely Control Rendering Cost & Time

With regard to rendering cost on 3S Cloud Render Farm, you just pay as you go: We only charge based on the actual time you render on our render farm, not including upload time or server startup time. Each user has a balance. Each time you run a project, the amount corresponding to the render […]

Copyright and Software Licenses on 3S Cloud Render Farm

One of the most expensive investment costs for 3D artists in rendering is purchasing software licenses. So, many customers asked about how we spend a lot of money on legal software licenses on 3S Cloud Render Farm, especially when integrated into multiple machines as we have. There is also an interesting question like this: “…users […]

Easy-to-use Render Farm and Smart Analysis

One of 3S Cloud Render Farm’s first criteria before building our render farm is to provide an easy-to-use render farm for customers. Our technical team designed a simple and clear UI in order that users can render their projects on our render farm with just a few clicks and get a great render experience. Create […]

What is a Render Farm? When should I use a Render Farm?

There are many different concepts about render farms on the internet, so a lot of people have misconceptions. So, What is a render farm? How many kinds are there? And When should I use a render farm? A render farm is a high-performance computer system (data center), e.g. a computer cluster, which is specialized in […]

Biggest headache in the render process – Best computer for rendering

What is the biggest headache in your rendering process? Do you have to deal with Computer Configuration or Rendering Speed? 3S Cloud Render Farm (3S) understands the pains of 3D artists during the rendering task, especially at the risk of missing the deadline. This is the reason why 3S is here to solve these problems […]

Ha Nguyen – The admin of the group “BlenderVN”

In recent years, Blender, an open-source 3D creation suite, has become popular all over the world. In Vietnam, there is a Blender community, BlenderVN. And, the admin of this group is Mr. Ha Nguyen – 3S Cloud Render Farm‘s User. 3S Cloud Users – Mr. Ha Nguyen BlenderVN group: Youtube – Ha Nguyen Art: […]