3S Cloud Render Farm aims to be the best render farm supporting Blender projects with Cycles, LuxCoreRender, and Eevee.

Cycles Render Farm

Cycles is Blender’s physically-based path tracer for production rendering. Although slower than Eevee render, Cycles will always provide more physically accurate renders.

Our mission is to simplify the rendering process and to build an ecosystem of services integrated into the 3D pipeline. For users to avoid errors and enjoy fast rendering speed, we have set up a smart system to analyze and find out issues of their projects exactly.

Although we are not the first Cloud Render Farm on the market, we aim to become the best Render Farm for Blender projects with our cutting-edge features and professional service. We believe in the possibility of all the innovative ideas we think of and the rendering solutions we work out. Nothing is impossible with our platform.

We offer an unlimited number of CPU/GPU servers with high configuration to speed up your rendering and to make sure you never are in queues. With just a few clicks, it’s very flexible for you to render images with 18k or more in resolution. Besides, the Free Preview Render feature provides you accurate cost & time estimates and a preview image for free.

The reason why Blender Artists/Studios Choose Us

Cycles Render Farm - Blenderman
(Procedural: By Juri Unt)
High performance
– Thousands of high-end CPUs and GPUs
– No queue
– Fast upload and download multiple files simultaneously
Barcelona Pavillion from eMirage
(Barcelona Pavillion from eMirage (CC-BY))
– Render with just a few clicks.
– Automatically detect missing assets and errors with Smart Analysis.

Agent 327 Barbershop
(Agent 327 Barbershop (CC-BY))
Cost Control
– Pay-as-you-go
– Estimate cost and time accurately
– Set limits by projects with Budget Management.

How To Render Blender Cycles Projects on 3S Cloud Render Farm

Cycles Render Farm - Register Screen on 3S Cloud Render Farm
1. Register an account: To use our services, please submit a complete registration form which is continuously available on our Website.

Cycles Render Farm - Dashboard Screen
2. Launch Render: On the Dashboard screen, please click Launch Render, then upload your scene files and select “Next” to create a job.
Cycles Render Farm - Select render settings
3. Select settings & Render: Enter parameters, then select Free Preview Render for a test or click Render Now to render officially.

Cycles Render Farm - Download outputs
4. Download your outputs: In the Render Manager section, click the Download button or Browse outputs to download.

Estimate Rendering Cost for Blender Cycles projects

Before each official rendering, we recommend using our Free Preview Render feature to test rendering for free so that
you can get a more accurate time and cost estimate for your projects

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On Your Workstation:
Rendering time:


3S Cloud Render Farm

Rendering time:




The estimated cost from 3S Cloud Cost Estimator is for reference purposes only,
the actual fees may be higher or lower than the estimate.

Blender Demo Files with Cycles Renderer

Blender 2.81
(The Junk Shop by Alex Treviño. Original Concept by Anaïs Maamar.)
Render by: GPU
Render time: 1m43s
Cost: $0.23

(Procedural: By Juri Unt)
Render by: GPU
Render time: 2m30s
Cost: $0.33

Cycles Render Farm - Blender 2.80
(Spring & Autumn: By Andy Goralczyk, Nacho Conesa and their team)
Render by: CPU
Render time: 5m54s
Cost: $0.34

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