Top 5 Best 3D Rendering Farm Service

There will be times when you will need support when starting or using an online render farm. Which 3D rendering farm service provides the best support? Find out with 3S Cloud Render Farm through the following article.

What are the key factors to consider when rendering farm service support?

There are many factors to judge whether a render farm should be used or not such as software compatibility and rendering performance, a really important factor in deciding whether you will come back or not is support service. With 3S Cloud Render Farm, user experience is everything. So what are we going to look at when evaluating rendering farm service support:

  • How quickly does the support respond? If you need help with a technical issue, how long will it take you to get an answer?
  • How does the render farm provide support?
  • Does the support team offer 24-hour support, including weekends and holidays?

Best 3D Rendering Farm Services Support

3S Cloud Render Farm – Good Rendering Farm Services

3S Cloud Render Farm is a collective of passionate members with a blend of art and technology, who fall in love with 3D design and have extensive experience in computer technology for many years. 3S Cloud is a cloud rendering service that is based on the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model, therefore, what you do is upload files and let them render your project. 

This cloud render farm recognized that infrastructure investment for each 3D artist is not only a huge expense but also the difficulty of meeting all rendering requirements in terms of scaling up projects sometimes. Thanks to this motivation, 3S pursues building an ecosystem of cloud rendering services with a view to eliminating 3D artists’ dependence on physical machines and mainly focusing on creative artworks. 3S stands for SPEED – STABILITY – SATISFACTION.

Service support

3S Cloud Render Farm service support is professional. Fox supports customers 24/7 through email, message and live chat. Their staffs often answer questions and issues quickly via live chat. The response time is within 5 minutes. That of message and email is around 15-30 minutes. Sometimes they answer after a few minutes, sometimes the time is longer. When the question is about technical issues, it takes the 3S team to check and answer you later. You can choose any of the three support channels, there won’t be much difference. But if you want the fastest reply, 3S recommends live chat from our experience.

In addition, 3S support team is composed of experienced staff in the field of computer graphics. Users can therefore be somewhat assured that they will be actively supported if they encounter any difficulties while rendering.

Fox Renderfarm

Fox Render Farm is a trusted online CPU and GPU render farm. Over the past ten years, they have worked with entertainment studios and animation studios from more than 50 countries and regions. Their professional services include a huge number of rendering nodes that provide you with a fast rendering service. Their SaaS rendering solution allows customers to render their projects using their applications.

Service support

Fox Renderfarm service support is great. Fox supports customers via email and live chat for 24/7. You are able to send an email directly to their email address or use the contact form on the website. Both ways will create a support ticket, their tech will reply soon.

Both live chat and email are fast. You will get a response right after a few minutes through live chat, the time will be longer for email. You can choose any of them.


Tomek and Minhee started Garage Farm in 2010 as a team of two. Based in UK, they are providing cloud rendering services. After you send your project to Garage from the interface of your application, the SaaS cloud render farm will automate the rendering process.

Service support

The service support of Garage Farm is dedicated. Garage offers customer support via email, skype and live chat for 24/7. Their customer support staff provide detailed and informative answers to customers’ questions. It depends on which communication channel you use, but their overall response time is fast. With live chat, you will get a response almost immediately, usually within 2-5 minutes. Furthermore, the live chat feature is available on the website and in your user interface. Therefore, users can contact the farm wherever they are at the time.

The second channel is skype, quite similar to live chat. Email, however, takes longer time than those two. The response time could be around or less than 1 hour.


iRender Farm is a high-performance cloud render farm that supports GPU and CPU rendering. While iRender is a young company compared to over 10-year-old render farms, they have offered professional services and dedicated support to their customers. With iRender’s IaaS rendering solution, users have full control not only over the powerful servers but also over the rendering process.

Service support

iRender service support is amazing. Same to two render farms above, iRender supports customers 24/7 through email, skype and live chat. Additionally, they support other messaging apps if customers allow it. Such as Whatsapp, Discord, etc. Your questions will be answered by their enthusiastic staff, and any issues you may have will be resolved quickly and efficiently. We really like this side of the farm. In addition to answering our questions, iRender’s support team actively guides us to use the service.

There is a very fast response time on live chat and Skype. The web manager and website offer live chat, so you can reach out to them at any time. Email, as usual, takes a longer time to respond to, within 1 hour.

RANCH Computing

RANCH Computing offers great rendering services for CPU and GPU projects. Since 2007, Ranch Computing has assisted artists with heavy rendering tasks in order to meet their deadlines and budgets. With RANCH Computing, customers can access the render nodes via SaaS and utilize their power to speed up rendering.

Service support

RANCH Computing’s service support seems a bit less than those of the render farms above. There are two support channels offered by RANCH, namely email and skype. RANCH team members are available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. (UTC+1 / Paris, France) to answer your questions by email or telephone. It also means that they usually only provide support during working hours. Sometimes, they are also available in the evenings or on weekends if requested.

Compared to other render farms, their response time is slower. Still, it isn’t too long. Contacting you via email seems to be the best option. To help their customers, Ranch lists a few most common questions with a contact form. 

Any 3D render farm service should have good customer support. In addition to website chat applications and social media messaging, the support team uses a variety of chat channels to interact with customers. To keep customers coming back and to attract more new customers, the render farm sends out regular communications.

Top 5 Best Render Farms have done a good job assisting their own customers. However, 3S Cloud Render Farm, Fox Renderfarm, GarageFarm, iRender all have the fastest response – almost real time through live chat on their website. We highly appreciate 3S Cloud Render Farm, In addition to the speed, 3S support is friendly and helpful informative.

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