The Benefits And Disadvantages Of Cloud Rendering

Businesses are increasingly converting data from money storage centers to single cloud storage. While cloud storage has many advantages over on-premises storage, there are some drawbacks to consider. 3S Cloud Render Farm will share and further analyze the strengths and weaknesses of cloud rendering in this article. Follow the entire article to avoid missing out on important information about cloud rendering.

The Benefits of Cloud Rendering

Using a render farm to create high-quality, interactive, photorealistic GPU rendering and sharing several benefits for professionals in the fields of design. Here are the benefits of using a cloud rendering with powerful rendering engines:

Batch Rendering

After submitting to 3S Cloud Render Farm, users benefit from a wide variety of unique features which add versatility to their work such as:

  • Live previews of the output images
  • Pausing and resuming the rendering process

Fast Rendering

Cloud rendering’s distributed render allows multiple servers to be brought online for rendering, greatly increasing render speed. You need to use the full volume help you achieve significant rendering speed with the help of the best software.


Render quickly

Save time

Another significant advantage of cloud rendering is that it reduces render times. We focus on developing a cloud render environment that meets the needs of users by supporting various 3D host applications. Our goal is to provide users with continuous convenient access as well as the ability to quickly achieve impressive and fast results for handling heavy scenes with complex geometries.

Customer Service

It provides good service. Although users almost entirely assist themselves throughout the entire process of using cloud rendering. It is unavoidable that they will encounter problems, and in order to deal with them in a timely render farm vendors provide 7*24 customer service. 3S Cloud Renderfarm also offers a 24-hour service.

Support 24/7

Make Local Space Available

As we all know, rendering can consume all our local computer space, making it not only slow and stuck, but also burn some machines with inadequate cooling systems. That greatly reduces the life of your local computer and increases costs.

Once your work is successfully submitted to the cloud dump, you can close the software and shut down your local computer.

By transferring the job to the cloud, you free up space on your local computer, reducing wear and tear you continue to model, draw, and complete other tasks. Help clients visualize the project in real-time using the render farm.

Always Available

Simply log in to the rendering platform to fully automatically package and submit your files with a single click, upload and download files in multiple lines, and preview your renders in real time to track their progress.

Disadvantages of Cloud Rendering

You must pay, and the cost price is not always low

The higher the cost, the more computing resources the cloud render platform provides, the faster the render speed.

There is no doubt that render in the cloud is much more expensive than render on your own local computer. After all, the cost of cloud rendering includes the costs of cloud server resources, operation and maintenance, and platform operation.

However, at the moment, cloud rendering platforms provide users with the option of selecting different threads to meet their specific speed and cost requirements.

Some plugins and software have insufficient support

Requires Internet Connection

Although most cities and offices have free wifi networks, the fact that cloud rendering requires an internet connection remains a barrier.

While it may seem insignificant, not having an internet connection is inconvenient for designers. In the case of wanting to render projects in more severe weather conditions or temporary power outages will be a huge barrier.

Quality Dependent on Software

Similarly to what we mentioned above, the quality of your final product will be determined by the techniques implemented in their software.

When looking for cloud rendering platforms, consider whether they use cutting-edge technologies and what types of computer graphics techniques they employ.

If you still haven’t decided which rendering method works best for you. We recommend that you keep in mind that it’s inexpensive to try out cloud rendering services before investing in more local hardware. 3S Cloud Render Farm can help you streamline your workflow, reduce costs, and accelerate production. You can learn more about how to use our services by clicking HERE. Have fun renderin


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