Blender – Projects in 2023 to look forward to

Artists is looking forward to all projects of Blender in 2023. According to the company’s share, each project will bring users significant changes in the experience of using the software.

Blender recently released an article about blender changes, promising that these will be projects that significantly upgrade the user experience of this software in 2023. Let’s explore Blender projects in 2023 with 3S Cloud Render Farm.

Vulkan and Metal

Vulkan is the cross-platform successor to OpenGL – The application currently powers the user interface, 3D viewports, and EEVEE. However, it is expected to be deprecated by the industry in the coming years.

Blender Foundation already worked for many years to invest developer time to finish a migration to the Vulkan graphics API in 2023.

Parallel with that, Apple engineers have been working on making Blender fully compatible with the Metal graphics API on macOS. 

Realtime Viewport Compositing

This feature will be available in Blender 3.5. This is Blender’s announcement in the article about its ongoing projects. This project adds a new compositor backend, taking advantage of GPU acceleration to be performant enough for real-time interaction.

The next steps are to support more nodes and features, and in the long term bring GPU acceleration to the existing compositor.

Brush Assets

The asset system and browser will fully support brushes for painting and sculpting. This makes it easy to use, make and share bundles of brushes with others.

Blender Apps

Now, Blender is on top of app that customization using Python scripting, it’s possible to build up Blender from scratch with your own UIs and editor layouts. This combined with bundling .blend files (assets, data) you can create it to make custom tools or complete experiences.

Extensions Platform

The extensions site will only offer GNU GPL-compliant software, or CC-BY–SA compatible content. No commercialization will happen on the platform. 

EEVEE next

New features such as screen-space global illumination, more efficient shading and lighting, improved volume rendering and panoramic cameras are expected in Blender 2023.

Simulation Nodes

This year the focus will be on simulation for physics and beyond. The system will be designed for interactivity and experimentation, with simulations running in the viewport at their clock while editing objects and nodes.

And there’s more of Blender projects in 2023!

The grease pencil team will come with ambitious plans, there’s an exciting texture painting and sculpting speedup coming, and Hydra render delegates and other USD improvements are under development. The procedural texturing project – while not having a concrete roadmap and resources yet – is still a goal.

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