A comparison of Blender Render Cycles and Cycles X

Blender is known as a free 3D design software with many features and plugins. In addition, these Plugins are updated and improved in their functionality daily. In today’s post, 3S Cloud Render Farm will compare the difference between Blender Render Cycles and Cycles X.

Blender Render Cycles Plugin

To better understand the difference between Blender Render Cycles and Cycles X, let’s first look at what the Cycles tool is.

Cycles is Blender’s physics-based path tracing tool for production rendering work. It delivers immediate physical results thanks to its innovative control and contouring mounts that can adapt to production needs. However, the emphasis on realistic images will affect the overall display performance and the viewport. Plus, it doesn’t have a lot of settings for Cycles, and denoising is one of the most useful.

Room rendering with blender cyclesRoom rendering with blender cycles

Blender Render Cycles X Plugin

Next let’s also explore the next plugin called Cycles X. It also has physics-based rendering, the outstanding photorealism that Cycles X offers that is more realistic but rendered faster, and a real-time look and feel. Real time more streamlined. Comparing it to the Cycles version, Cycles X’s rendering speed boost is more impressive.

Additionally, it enhances real-time rendering interactivity in Blender. Remembering that advantage, you can use Eevee’s abilities without giving up the Cycle. As opposed to Cycles, Cycles X renders in 17.77 seconds instead of 31.85 seconds for Cycles. Quite an impressive difference.

Images rendering blender 3.0Images rendering blender 3.0

Differences between Blender Cycles and Cycles X Plugin

GPU performance is the first factor we analyze. With Optix GPUs, upgrading X cycles delivers the best performance, so CPU rendering won’t be as affected, but it will be faster. Compared to Cycles, rendering performance in Cycles X has been improved.

Next, we compare AMD HIP. With Cycles X, it supports AMD and Nvidia GPU rendering. The HIP (Heterogeneous Computing Interface for Portability) framework, which replaces the Cycles OpenCL backend, now supports GPU rendering on AMD hardware.

Our third consideration was the Hair and Gloss Enhancement feature. Compared to the cycles compared, I found the X cycle to have a performance loss in some benchmark sequences involving several layers of translucent hair. To overcome this, it is necessary to change the schedule of the shadow kernel and estimate the algorithm on how many samples to show in a batch.

Comparision blender Cycles and Cycles XComparision blender Cycles and Cycles X

From the above comparisons, Blender Cycles and Cycles X may appear equal depending on the scene and the optimizations performed. So choosing Cycle or Cycle X to work with depends on what scene you want to render. A small note when participating in rendering, you need to have a powerful enough computer to produce the most realistic and perfect renderings. If you do not have enough budget to invest in a high-end PC or contact 3S Cloud Render Farm for support with just a few simple steps, you will have the right configuration.

What are the benefits of using 3S Cloud Render Farm in Blender Cycles or Cycles X projects?

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