3S Cloud Render Farm VS Super Renders Farm: Which is the best render farm for you?

3S Cloud Render Farm and Super Renders Farm are well-known as rendering services that are widely used by customers around the world. In this review, we’ll be making an unbiased comparison of the features between 3S Cloud Render Farm and the Super Renders Farm, and provide honest insights that align with the specific needs of each customer.

About 3S Cloud Render Farm

3S Cloud Render Farm is a cloud-based rendering service that allows users to offload rendering tasks to a network of computers. They can take advantage of the combined power of many computers to speed up the rendering process.

Advantages of 3S Cloud Render Farm

Speed Advantage
Experience the fast-speed capabilities of 3S Cloud Render Farm. Our platform provides high-performance machines with diverse configurations, ensuring rapid project execution for tasks of any size. Whether you’re working on large projects or complex details, our hardware resources guarantee a smooth workflow at fast speeds, allowing you to render more in less time.

Render Farm – Workstation – Cloud Service Ecosystem
Dive into a diverse set of tools that cater to every step of your creative process. You can take advantage of the render farm to handle extensive projects with specific software with 3S Cloud Render Farm. Moreover, the workstation is ready for you to engage in tasks like model creation, collaboration, testing, and rendering, whether it’s for compact projects or individual frames. With a range of powerful workstations, efficient render farms, and cloud services, 3S Cloud ecosystem will enhance your creative workflow like never before.

Cloud-Based Rendering
Discover the seamless world of cloud-based rendering, where our dedicated render farm takes care of resource-intensive tasks. With 3S Cloud Render Farm, you’ll benefit from a reliable supply of machines, a diverse range of devices, the capability to handle scalable storage, and an overall high level of flexibility. This innovative approach not only streamlines your project timelines but also relieves the burden on your local hardware, freeing you to concentrate entirely on your creative vision.

24/7 Support:
Enjoy the uninterrupted assistance and 24/7 customer support. Whether you have technical problems or require guidance, the dedicated support team is available 24/7 to ensure smooth project progression.

Exceptional GPU and CPU Performance

Enhance the substantial processing power of their GPU and CPU infrastructure, boasting an impressive aggregate of 3000+ GPUs and 3000+ CPUs. This computational prowess significantly accelerates rendering times, empowering you to deliver high-quality results faster.

Advanced Security and Measures
Prioritize the security of your creative assets with advanced measures such as Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). This comprehensive approach safeguards your work throughout the rendering process to ensure confidentiality.

Disadvantages of 3S Cloud Render Farm

Additional Render Farm Credits for Unfinished Jobs
If users encounter issues with their rendering job or the results do not meet your expectation 3S Cloud Render Farm may not refund or credit the unused render points, resulting in potential wastage of resources. However, in cases where an issue is identified, and it is determined that the problem originated from 3S, users can be assured that 3S Cloud will promptly initiate a refund process.

Software Compatibility
Not all software applications and plugins may be fully compatible with Cloud render farms. This could result in unexpected issues or limitations when trying to render specific projects. However, we provide a large scale of supported software, aligned with customer requirements.

About Super Renders Farm

Established in 2010 in California, Super Renders Farm started as a small rendering company in Fullerton. In 2017, they introduced “online rendering technology”. They operate under the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, users interact through an app or web-app to render projects on the provider’s server, known as Cloud Rendering.

Advantages of Super Renders Farm

User-Friendly UI/UX

Super Renders Farm has a design that’s easy to use. The website is designed to be visually appealing and easy to navigate, ensuring that both beginners and experienced users can effortlessly utilize the platform to its fullest potential. This emphasis on user-friendliness not only reduces the learning curve but also enhances overall productivity of the rendering process.

Wide Range of Supported Software

The SuperRenders Farm service boasts compatibility with an extensive selection of software applications commonly used in the creative and design industries. They support Autodesk 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D, After Effect, Houdini and so on. This board of supported software ensures that users can seamlessly integrate their preferred design tools and workflows into the rendering process.

Supportive Customer Service

One of the standout features that sets SuperRenders Farm apart is its exceptional customer service. The service offers live chat assistance directly on their website, 24/7. This real-time communication channel allows users to instantly connect with the support team, ensuring any technical problems.

Disadvantages of Super Renders Farm

Upload Speed and Size Considerations

Uploading speed is quite fast regarding a small and medium project size, but it is faced with a problem when you upload a large size over 5GB. 

Software Compatibility

Users currently can not use Redshift, Octane, and Corona 6 on Super Render Farm. Specifically, if you’re using Houdini, the only render engines that work with Maya on SuperRenders Farm are Mantra and RenderMan. Oddly, Redshift, which was supposed to be supported, can’t be used there.

Challenge with GPU Rendering Availability

SuperRenders Farm exclusively offers CPU rendering and provides GPU NVIDIA RTX 4090. They have a limited selection of GPU options available to cater to our customers’ specific requirements.

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