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Upload projects

There are three main methods to upload projects to 3S Cloud Render Farm: directly uploading to our website or using the Uploader tool: directly upload to our website, use the Uploader tool, sync from Dropbox/Google Drive.

You can upload Zip files, but other archived files haven’t supported yet. We are putting more effort to support them soon.

In order to avoid missing assets, please keep in mind that:

  • For Blender renders: Let’s follow this instruction to prepare scene files before uploading.
  • For Houdini or Maya renders: Let’s follow this instruction to simulate the local path before uploading.

After making sure that you followed the above instruction, let’s go to the next steps.

  1. Solution 1: Click on the red area below or drag & drop files/folders to upload projects to 3S Cloud Render Farm
  1. Solution 2: Use our Uploader Tool
    • Download and install the appropriate installer with your operating system
    • Log in to the Uploader Tool with your credentials
    • Upload or Download multiple files/folder simultaneously
  • We support to upload with the Uploader Tool on Windows, Macos, and Linux
  • Watch this video to see how it works.

If you have any difficulties or questions, do not hesitate to tell 3S for further support. We are always happy to talk to you!

Let’s subscribe our Youtube channel if you want to see more tutorial videos.