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Launch Render

  1. Click the Launch Render button on Dashboard Screen
Launch Render

In order to avoid missing assets, please keep in mind that:

  • We recommend simulating the local path before uploading your projects. You can find the instruction from tips for each software.
  1. Upload your projects
  • Click the area below to upload files/ folders from your computer; or
  • Drag & drop files or folders to upload
Upload Projects
  1. Analyze: to check missing assets and view logs
  • Most of your scene files having blue marks will be analyzed automatically after uploading to our system; or
  • Click Analyze to make sure all the files have analyzed before rendering
Analyze scene files
  1. Create a render job
  • Click on the file you want to render and click the “Next” button to submit a job
Create a render job
  1. Review and launch render
  • Enter the parameters of your job, then
Select render settings
  • Check Free Render Preview, and click Render Preview to render a preview for free and get a more accurate cost & time estimate; or,
Free preview render
  • Click Render Now to render officially
Create a final render

3S Cloud Render Farm currently supports BlenderHoudiniCinema 4DMaya3ds Max.

If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact 3S for further support.