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Dashboard Screen

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  1. Jobs Active: jobs are rendering
  2. Jobs Completed: jobs completed rendering
  3. This Month Expense: the number of credits you spent this month
  4. Remaining credits: the number of credits remaining in your account
    • To render on our system, you will need to top up your balance by buying our credits, and 1 credit equals $1.
  1. Cost Estimator: is to estimate the time & cost of your jobs. Please note that:
    • The estimated rates from 3S Cloud Cost Estimator are for discussion purposes only, the actual fees may be higher or lower than the estimate.
    • The best way to estimate the cost is by using our Free Preview Render feature.
  1. Notification: notifications when tasks completed such as Job completed or Analysis completed.
  1. More information: including Profile, Buy Credits, Payment History, Budgets, our Docs to support you, and the Logout feature.
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