Loyalty – Exclusive benefits for loyal customers of 3S

3S Cloud Render Farm is known as one of the famous rendering service providers today. So, do you know the benefits of being a loyal customer of 3S? Check out the article below to catch all the offers that you can get.

About Loyalty Program

3S Cloud Render Farm’s Loyalty Program is a program for customers using 3S rendering services. With each successful Render transaction with your account, you will accumulate the number of Points corresponding to the transaction value. You can use bonus points to level up your account during use.

How will you benefit as a Loyalty member?

  • Receive member-only promotions from loyal customers.
  • Huge savings on rendering costs.
  • Render time will be faster, optimize the highest time.
  • You can use multiple renderers at the same time at no extra cost.

Rules to Reach Loyal Rank?

Become a user of 3S Cloud Render Farm, you will receive a lot of benefits and attractive incentives. There are 4 levels of membership in the program: Bronze, Silver Gold, and Platinum. You will be promoted to a member as soon as you accumulate enough Points for each Render corresponding to each level:
  •  Bronze: You are leveraged to access up to 10 render machines at the same time
  •  Silver: You are leveraged to access up to 25 render machines at the same time
  •  Gold: You are leveraged to access up to 50 render machines at the same time
  •  Platinum: No-restrict number of render machines when rendering!
Rank Loyalty
Let’s Render more to achieve the biggest Rank Loyalty and make the most of the utilities that we bring.

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