3S Cloud Render Farm and Maac Academy held a mini talkshow on Friday morning, which was broadcast live on the 3S Cloud Render Farm fanpage. The topic of discussion was the render farm and it featured several distinguished speakers, including Mr. Vo Huy Giap – Director of Maac Academy, Mr. Kien Nguyen – Director of 3S Cloud Render Farm, Mr. Do Minh – Director of Luci Studio, and Mr. Hoang Viet Hung – Director of Sparta VFX Studio.

The mini talkshow kicked off with an exciting minigame, where questions on rendering were raised. Both the Maac Academy students and the speakers were enthusiastic about the questions, and the speakers gave detailed and easy-to-understand analyses to help students better understand rendering.

Mr. Kien Nguyen demonstrated how to use Render Farm on a live broadcast, and Mr. Hoang Viet Hung and Mr. Do Minh shared some rendering tips based on their extensive experience. The speakers also shared their career experiences and gave practical advice on how to overcome common rendering issues.

In addition to discussing the render farm, Mr. Kien Nguyen revealed that 3S is currently working on a workstation service, which will be launched in April 2022. This service will allow projects to be implemented from anywhere in the world while ensuring environmental synchronization.

The Q&A session was very exciting, with many questions on rendering and related issues posed by the students to the speakers during the program. Speaker Hoang Viet Hung was particularly enthusiastic and answered questions both on the airwaves and via the zoom chat screen.

The mini talkshow ended after more than two hours of live broadcast. The organizers thanked the speakers for taking their valuable time to share their professional experiences. Hopefully, the next programs organized by 3S Cloud Render Farm and Maac Academy will continue to receive the attention of many students and 3D artists. For those who missed the event, they can still have their questions answered by the speakers after the program.

In conclusion, 3S Cloud Render Farm is an excellent 3ds Max render farm that provides reliable and cost-effective rendering services. Its mini talkshow with Maac Academy was a great success, and it provided students and 3D artists with valuable insights and practical tips on rendering.